Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eastnet Cluster Expo

It's a week down the track and am still very excited about the cluster expo last Thursday. A huge thank you to Louise for letting me push her out of her comfort zone and present me with me, she was fantastic, enthusiastic and just as crazy as me - wanting to make sure our presentation as just "right". What a lot of work, after presenting on a smaller scale at SPS, I was feeling really nervous about the thought of standing up in front of total strangers. But guess what ... it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, in fact was probably easier. I even said at the end Louise - "What about Learning at Schools 2010" - wash your mouth out Kathy P!!! I seriously hope that those people attending our workshop as least got 2 or 3 ideas that they will be able to integrate into their planning.

Came away with some really great ideas, loved Susie Vesper's workshop on Voicethread, have got my voicethread organised for next week already and looking forward to the results. We are doing opinion writing as our literacy focus - what a great way to integrate "Voicethread.

Enjoyed Rachel Boyd's presentation and workshop, came away thinking, ummmm I think maybe am on the right track. Need to get those computers named Elliot 1, Elliot 2, Elliot 3, Elliot 4, Elliot 5 (is sick at the moment).

Thanks also to Belinda another great event, well organised and extremely motivating. Am going to end with the video that Suzie played at the end of her key note - loved it!!!! Until next time .....