Friday, November 20, 2009

Inquiry Learning

Also in my travels on the same blogsite this morning found an interesting post on 2009 National Testing or Inquiry Learning? Is a really good read and further makes me realise what needs to be done and what is actually be done ....

3 Cheers For Blogging

After a few days of disillusion and not really feeling whether I was on the right track in terms of teaching and learning. Have had a great CRT morning reading through Bruce Hammonds blogsite
Leading and Learning. I have found it so informative and really easy to digest, so much so have just purchased his book and two others that he recommends "Powerful Learning and Teaching the Best Practice Way".

Am really happy now, am going to continue to chip away at my own personal development and hopefully gather up a few other "likeminded & openminded" colleagues along the way!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a gorgeous day ...

Am sitting in the sun on the most glorious spring day updating my blog. Have planned my afternoon/early evening so will be free to watch the All Blacks thrash those Aussies. Have spent the last few days updating our school wikispace and thought I would embed a slideshow onto my blog that I used to help me update it...

I needed to get our slideshow and video presentation on the wikispace and hadnever uploaded these before. Am very blonde when it comes to these sorts of things and thanks to Belinda she pointed me in the right direction. I managed to upload our slideshow presentation onto and our videos onto Now came the tricky part (well it was for me) embedding them onto the wiki. Spent ages trying to link them externally etc etc, then decided to google (why I didn't in the first place I don't know) and below is the result of my google. Thought I would embed this slideshow into my blog because hay who knows there might be some more blondes out there. At least on a blog they call a video a video which is commonsense, these stupid made up words like widgit ....

Hope someone out there that is needing to embed some videos and slideshows onto their wikispace finds this helpful.

P.S : Just one more thing when I am uploading videos from divshare I would probably edit the Html code to make the screen a little smaller in width and height. It comes out quite large when you upload.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eastnet Cluster Expo

It's a week down the track and am still very excited about the cluster expo last Thursday. A huge thank you to Louise for letting me push her out of her comfort zone and present me with me, she was fantastic, enthusiastic and just as crazy as me - wanting to make sure our presentation as just "right". What a lot of work, after presenting on a smaller scale at SPS, I was feeling really nervous about the thought of standing up in front of total strangers. But guess what ... it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, in fact was probably easier. I even said at the end Louise - "What about Learning at Schools 2010" - wash your mouth out Kathy P!!! I seriously hope that those people attending our workshop as least got 2 or 3 ideas that they will be able to integrate into their planning.

Came away with some really great ideas, loved Susie Vesper's workshop on Voicethread, have got my voicethread organised for next week already and looking forward to the results. We are doing opinion writing as our literacy focus - what a great way to integrate "Voicethread.

Enjoyed Rachel Boyd's presentation and workshop, came away thinking, ummmm I think maybe am on the right track. Need to get those computers named Elliot 1, Elliot 2, Elliot 3, Elliot 4, Elliot 5 (is sick at the moment).

Thanks also to Belinda another great event, well organised and extremely motivating. Am going to end with the video that Suzie played at the end of her key note - loved it!!!! Until next time .....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have been in ICT hibernation

Here I am at our eastnet lead teachers day and am feeling very guilty that this is only my second posting. I could create a huge list of ICT/Inquiry learning activities that what have been keeping me occupied for the past 3 months but instead am just going to share a few things from today before I head off in 15 minutes to present to my school at our "unconference" afternoon. The second PD session that has been organised for our staff.

Has been good today to work in groups with other lead teachers from other schools as opposed in previous times where we have ended up choosing to work with collegues from Shelly Park.

Thanks Kerry for showing me a web 2.0 tool that I can use on my knowledgeNET page. Will develop my own one and then introduce to children. They have only just recently created their home pages on KNET so am a little reluctant to get them to change these at this stage. Could be something they work on next year and develop, especially at senior school level.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The First of Many????

This posting will have to be the first of many. My ICT goal for 2009 has been decided and the success of it hinges on my blog. Over the next 3 terms I am going to document the ways that I integrate ICT to motivate and assist learning in room 11. My blog will become my tool to evaluate my teaching practise and reflect on what worked well and what changes I would make to improve for next time. Any constructive feedback that is received along the way will be greatly appreciated and please feel free to try anything or share any ideas you might have.

Am looking forward to this adventure and hopefully some comments!!!!

Kathy Pittaway