Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have been in ICT hibernation

Here I am at our eastnet lead teachers day and am feeling very guilty that this is only my second posting. I could create a huge list of ICT/Inquiry learning activities that what have been keeping me occupied for the past 3 months but instead am just going to share a few things from today before I head off in 15 minutes to present to my school at our "unconference" afternoon. The second PD session that has been organised for our staff.

Has been good today to work in groups with other lead teachers from other schools as opposed in previous times where we have ended up choosing to work with collegues from Shelly Park.

Thanks Kerry for showing me a web 2.0 tool that I can use on my knowledgeNET page. Will develop my own one and then introduce to children. They have only just recently created their home pages on KNET so am a little reluctant to get them to change these at this stage. Could be something they work on next year and develop, especially at senior school level.


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere Mrs P! You kids will definitely love glogster - perhaps you could just start by using it on your class page? I have never bothered showing it to anyone at your school before because I noticed how long it took to load on your network. But no more ....

  2. Well KP that sounds great. I might go to the workshop on gloster that's being run at the expo. I have also put some new comment on my prof blog - it's not as bad as I thought I only missed the month of May and surely 1 posting a month is enough for me?!!

  3. Heh hemm ..... Fortnightly posts even for you VF!!! Surely you would hardly notice one more in between all those class ones you are doing so well?