Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Literacy Programming

Following on from my post on classroom programming, this week and the purposeful integration of ICT in my classroom programme and time restraints I decided to create an individual plan for one of my reading groups.  I broke down the two days that I am in the classroom into 20-25 minute blocks and planned a variety of literacy activities with specific learning intentions that required the students to self-evaluate their learning.  During the morning I would pull this group back to work with me during guided reading time and written language time.

The main focus for me this week with this group was to support these students so that they were able to follow this contract system independently.  I did not ask my children to reflect/self-evaluate their ability to "self manage" their learning tasks.  Next week I will add this to my planning.

Am very keen to hear how other teachers manage their classroom rotations and integration of ICT in a more effective and manageable manner.  We had a quick discussion at our lead teachers day at Elm Park today about different ways to integrate ICT and plan literacy.  Am very keen to continue along the lines of having individual contracts for each group, however, realise the importance of making sure learning is purposeful, students are aware of what they are learning e.g. WALTs and WILFs

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  1. I think we had a good discussion yesterday about this and it was good to hear what others are doing. I suspect this is something we will all continue to discuss for a long time yet as we continually refine and review what we are doing. It's a start though!