Sunday, April 25, 2010

Delicious Bookmarking

Thanks Victoria for making me join up to Delicious, have been aware of this tool for a while but never really thought I would benefit from using it. Alas I was wrong already tonight I have saved 4 different websites and I love the idea of tagging them. After a couple of times realised what I thought was a longwinded procedure was not. Can see it will not take long to build up my library, plus the good thing about this Victoria has already shared all her websites with me. Will spread the disease with the rest of my team at our pod meeting tomorrow. Thanks Vic.


  1. Have you added the Delicious buttons to your tool bar so that is REALLY easy?

  2. It really is easy!! I run all my classroom links through delicious so the kids can access links for different learning areas and topics. My year 4's are finding it extremely simple to use!

    Am loving all your posts - you've been busy!! :)

  3. Thanks girls, I am getting into the swing of it now, and yes thanks to you Belinda my tool bar is now sooooooo full I have the little arrows on the rhs that I have to click onto now - you would be very impressed.

    I can't get away with anything working with Victoria, she totally keeps me on track - just wish I had a turbo button.