Saturday, April 17, 2010

School Holiday Power Blogging - Post No. 7

Yesterday was our whole school professional development day "Saving Your Sanity" was presented by Colleen Deveyrac - "I am deeply committed to helping people formulate innovative and dynamic plans to reduce stress and to help children and youth recognise their full potential."

Colleen provided us with proactive ideas and strategies to help teachers effectively teach children with autism, ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. In her interactive lecture she provide many opportunities for teachers/professional to share their thoughts/ideas about a variety of concerns e.g. role of the teacher has changed in the past 20 years, students are not passive learners, ADHD brain v's a neuro-typical. Different scenarios were provided and strategies were given, Proactive v's Reactive, what sort of teacher are we? We unpacked the meaning behind Discipline/Punishment and the possible effects this has on our learners.

Throughout the day Colleen constantly referred to her love of the website youtube and the profound effect it has on our students who struggle to communicate and the ability it gives to create powerful messages to share to create greater awareness within our society - no to mention support one another.

As teachers it is our responsibility to ensure that every opportunity is provided for all our students to share their thoughts and ideas - to give them a voice, to help nurture creative and innovative thinkers. Using our ever changing technology to break free from the classroom walls - I need to make this happen more !!!

It was a great day and as Colleen summed up at the end of the day the most important thing is "You!!!!" - so have just come back from 2 hour walk, thanks Edwina - you're in charge of the route next week.


  1. Oh my goodness you've changed your background again! You are getting too smart Mrs P! Really enjoyed this post, thanks for finding this video. It's wonderful to watch an honest, personal statement and so helpful in providing insight into ASD.

  2. Thanks Mrs P. I enjoyed reading this and found it very helpful particularly as I work with autistic students in a special needs unit. I was particularly thrilled you highlighting that the expert in the field encourages the use of youtube. Awesome! I do this sometimes but will now use it more often, 'guilt free'. My students love anything to do with technology and this is when I see them at their most focused. The challenge for me is to keep upskilling to keep up with them. Many thanks for your enthusiasm and insights.

    Andrea Holmes

  3. Am pleased you like my background Vic, however, I have a problem would like the background to move when I scroll down - have investigated my settings and layout, hopefully you might be able to solve my problem.