Monday, April 5, 2010

School Holiday Power Blogging - Post No. 1

Helped present at our Cluster Share afternoon with Victoria. Was very scary even though my only job was to make sure I clicked at the right times for Vic and then spoke very briefly on our Inquiry section. Well done Victoria on completing the presentation on behalf of our school it was great and good to see you using a new tool that you saw in use at Learning @ Schools in Rotorua this year. Here is the link to our presentation.

Was interesting to see what each school has planned for 2010 and the similar pathways that Botany School are taking e.g. dabbling in SOLO taxonomy to lift our students level of thinking.

Belinda introduced our Cluster Share and purpose of afternoon and importance of "sustainability" in light of the contract ending.

She showed a you tube clip which I found extremely relevant in terms of gathering "followers" It talks about the IMPORTANCE of being a "1st Follower" it is an under-appreciated form of leadership, the "1st Follower" transforms a "lone nut" into a leader. We are need more 'FOLLOWERS" desperately.

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  1. Thanks for supporting me to present to 80 + colleagues which was a little nerve racking beforehand but felt really great afterwards! I think you spoke very well about Inquiry and have been doing lots of thinking around how to best support your Teams in this regard. Thanks also for sharing your excellent Inquiry flipchart created in Smart Notebook to support Inquiry learning in your class this Term. You should add it to your blog because I am sure other people would be interested in what you are developing.