Saturday, April 17, 2010

School Holiday Power Blogging - Post No. 6

I have recently downloaded this iPhone application "BC Reader" ($4.99) thanks to a recent post from Manaiakalani . Sadly I don't have an iPhone but I do own a husband who does and he happens to be one of those ones that is constantly losing business cards and then blaming those near and dear to him for throwing them out. Now all our treasure hunts will be over ....

Just one more iPhone gadget that is really cool and is a goody, Debbie you will like this - it's called "Shazam". Hold your iPhone in the direction of where the music is playing the phone will listen for a small period of time, scan for the song, name the song and then ask if you would like to down from itunes to your iPhone - how simple is that, I love it, only problem is I don't have an iPhone - there's another hint Mother's Day is coming up???


  1. Thanks Kathy, I am now a proud downloader of Shazam. It should come in useful when I want to find that song that you know it but can't figure it. I hope Mother's Day is kind to you. I-phones rock!

  2. Will keep fingers crossed, used it the other day at a restaurant - worked a treat!!!